Astaxanthin - The most powerful natural antioxidant
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Astaxanthin - The most powerful natural antioxidant

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Astaxanthin seems to be the most powerful natural antioxidant at the moment. Why is it so effective?
It is one of the most powerful antioxidants because it can reach every part of our cells, it can also cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain and the nervous system.

Where to find it?

Astaxanthin is naturally found in algae, plankton, krill, seafood, shellfish and various fish such as salmon or trout.

Antinflammatory, stimulating and more!

It has many benefits especially for the sportsman. Firstly, this pigment has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, it stimulates the respiratory system, has a recognized anti-inflammatory effect, it acts against Helicobacter pylori, it even reduces the symptoms of gastric inflammation. Astaxanthin will be able to nest in the wall of mitochondria, better regenerate the famous Coenzyme Q10 and thus optimize the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triyphospate) which is the main source of energy of the cells of the body and especially the muscles.
Astaxanthin also increases the resistance to training, acts positively on lactic acid and allows better mobilization of fat during endurance efforts. Muscle and joint recovery time also seems to improve with astaxanthin consumption.

In complementation it would be interesting to vary the contributions of spirulina and astaxanthin or to cumulate them during periods of increased workloads.

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