The skeleton, a simple frame?
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The skeleton, a simple frame?

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If you think that your skeleton is a simple frame, well you will have it in the bone! Our bones produce a hormone, osteocalcin. This would regulate not only bone growth, metabolism, male fertility especially through testosterone, but also memory. It seems, according to researcher Gérard Karsenty, that no gene expressed in the brain has as much influence on memory as osteocalcin.

In summary, the memory could be reduced to the bone for lack of bones ...

The "bone" news of the day is that it is possible to strengthen your bones, so your memory. Have regular physical activity with muscle building exercises but also a dynamic and frequent loading of the skeleton.

The better being the mortal enemy of the good, be careful not too much to do it either. Osteoporosis affects a large number of sporting women whose low body fat content can lead to amenorrhea problems (absence of menstruation). Also be sure to enjoy a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D; concerning this last vitamin, I advise you to expose yourself regularly to the sun, but not too much either ... yes! once again "Too much and too little spoil the game".

As our Canadian friends and Robert Sabatier could say, "Ostia! Imagination is the memory of the future. If you want a bright future, be imaginative, sporty; to your diet, attentive, and to the rays of sun, responsive! Finally keep in mind that it is thanks to your bones that you will find your home, because not only they support your muscles but in addition they will participate via osteocalcin to bring you safely.

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